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APRI is Sweden's national research collaboration in the area of ​​severe accidents


APRI is a collaborative project that will constitute a common platform and knowledge base for the nuclear industry as well as the regulator in Sweden regarding phenomena and event sequences during severe accidents at a nuclear power plant. The new knowledge that the project adds to the regulator (SSM) and the power companies will improve the assessment of existing measures, technical and administrative, to deal with severe accidents. The project is designed with consideration of the different roles of the project partners when it comes to nuclear safety.

Predecessors to this research collaboration were the projects FILTRA, RAMA, RAMA II, RAMA III, HAFOS, APRI, APRI 2, APRI 3, APRI 4, APRI 5, APRI 6, APRI 7, APRI 8, APRI 9 and APRI 10.

The present project APRI 11 continues the successful collaboration and will continue between 2021-2023.

Steering Committee

Patrick Isaksson

Ordförande, SSM

Eric Ramenblad


Ola Jonsson


Staffan Dittmer


Johan Olofsson


Christian Linde


Roberta Concilio Hansson


Project Leader

Henrik Glänneskog


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